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Southborough, Massachusetts
Republican Town Committee

Who we are

The Massachusetts General Laws require every municipality to have City or Town Committees to foster the aims of the major parties. The Southborough Republican Town Committee presently consists of 12 members. The Committee may appoint as many non-voting Associate Members as it wishes.

What we do

The purpose of the Committee is to promote the principles of the Republican State and National Committees and to promote the election of Republican candidates.

The Town Committee meets about 8 times a year.
Activities of the Committee include:

  • Assisting Republican candidates who are running for county, state, and national office.
  • Recruiting candidates for the State Legislature
  • Providing opportunities for Republican candidates to address the Town Committee
  • Sponsoring candidate nights for the public
  • Sponsoring public issues debates
  • Electing delegates to the Republican pre-primary state Convention
  • Fund-raising activities for the Party
  • Election day activities
  • Maintain this web page to keep citizens and voters informed


Local Representatives

The following residents make up the current committee:

  • Jack Barron, Chairman
  • Dan Kolenda, Vice Chairman
  • Mina O'Hearn, Secretary
  • Jim Sigler, Treasurer
  • Elise Zarrilli
  • Cindy de la Pena
  • Brent Kern
  • Tim Stephens

Who We Are
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